Size guide

When we were thinking about sizes for our clothes, we wanted to create a size system that could be understood by
busty girls in many different countries. Sizes in the UK, US, Australia, Germany and Italy are all different and can be
converted only very approximately.

But at DDatelier, we care about an accuracy in fitting, so we don’t convert or use a national sizing system. Instead,
we wanted to create a system that could be understood by beautiful, busty women all over the world.

All you need to know are your waist, hip and bust measurements. Then you can use our handy chart to work out
which size is best for you. Be sure to measure your bust whilst wearing a soft cup bra that allows the breast to
take its natural form. Remember to measure across the fullest part of the bust - the fullest part is usually across
the nipples.


You can use the tables below to see how your hip, waist and bust measurements in centimeters and inches correspond to our sizes.


DD Atelier size 70D 70F 75D 75F 80D 80F 85D 85F
Bust (cm)   86-90     90-94      91-95    95-99   96-100  100-104 101-105 105-109
Waist (cm) 63-67 63-67  68-72 68-72 73-77 73-77 78-82 78-82
Hips (cm)   88-92  88-92   93-97 93-97 98-102 98-102 103-107 103-107



DD Atelier size 70D 70F 75D 75F 80D 80F 85D 85F
Bust (inches) 34-35.5 35.5-37 36-37.5 37.5-39 38-39.5 39.5-41 40-41.5 41.5-43
Waist (inches) 25-26.5 25-26.5 27-28.5 27-28.5 28.5-30.5 28.5-30.5 30.5-32 30.5-32
Hips (inches) 34.5-36 34.5-36 36.5-38 36.5-38 38.5-40 38.5-40 40.5-42 40.5-42


If you're not sure of your size, ask us via our contact form or via Email
We are always happy to help!